Means repentace and turning to G-d, an important belief among Messianic Jews.

Olam Hazeh

is an important message for everyone.

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Isaiah 56:6 house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.

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The first followers of Yeshua (Jesus) were considered a Jewish sect. They continued to observe Jewish holy days and were involved in Temple worship. Jesus never encouraged his followers to formally break from Judaism.

During the first four centuries, the followers of Yeshua (Jesus) were caught between the Romans and other competing Jewish sects. Eventually, the Roman church forced Jews to disassociate themselves from Judaism and a great divide occurred.

In recent times, reconciliation began with Christians embracing their Hebraic roots. Many Jews have accepted Yeshua and embrace their Jewish messiah.


Jim Becka Interview

Jim Becka is not only a journalist with 40 years of experience, but he teaches high school journalism.

One of his students talked with him about his work with Holocaust remembrance activities and a family member that perished in the Holocaust.....See Youtube Video.

Shield of David

Assimilation of Jews...

is considered a problem by many. See how assimulation is impacting native Americans.